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Our Story

SNO Swiss Organic is the pinnacle of over 30 years of spa experience, culminating in a passion for making all people radiate beauty and confidence with Swiss skincare formulated from potent, naturally sourced ingredients and cutting-edge nano-technology.

Rich in minerals and trace elements, pure Swiss Glacier Water from Les Diablerets, 3,000 meters high in the Alps is the precious, deeply moisturizing, fundamental element of a skincare line designed to help make skin more resilient and luminous, while protecting it from the detrimental effects of environmental pollution.

Joy Beauty Group began as a prominent spa company in Hong Kong and grew into a Canadian Beauty Service Institute for those in the know to create the line that its founder, Joy Tsang, was unable to find on the market. Joy Beauty Group then partnered with the Swiss National Research Center in 2006 to source the revitalizing ingredients that are the foundation of the core products of the SNO Swiss Organic line.

Today, SNO Swiss Organic is a true partnership between mother and daughter, formed with a collective mission to deliver the peak efficacy that science and nature have to offer with the benefits of the sensorial pleasure of the spa. At last, bringing the vitality from the summits of the Swiss Alps to the comfort of home anywhere, across the globe.

Glacier Water

Swiss Organic used the glacier water from Les Diablerets (Les Diablerets) located 3,000 meters altitude in the Alps mountains as a basis for each product. It is rich in minerals and trace elements to stimulate the potential energy of each ingredient and ultimate its effectiveness on its maximum. “High energy - zero pollution” is excellent skin-friendly which is a radical improvement in skin to achieve real rejuvenation effect.

More than 70% of the body is water. To absorb quality water is the first step in maintaining good health. Most skin care products are containing 80% moisture as the main component assistance to penetrate the skin epidermis. And zero pollution glacier water is rich in natural minerals and trace elements, which is excellent skin-friendly and efficient in enhancing the skin absorption of the active ingredients, as well as helping the skin care cream to penetrate deeply into the bottom of the muscle. It provides the most direct nutritional supplements to the cells to give a radical improvement in skin texture for tender and beautiful skin achievement.

Why SNO Swiss Organic?

“Swiss Made”is the mark of natural, high quality and precious! Swiss Organic is a collection of natural, creativity and precision in one proudly to show the world. We are committed to meet the customer's pursuit of flawless skin, while also continue to confirm the significant efficacy through repeatedly clinical tests and endless efforts to ensure the product perfection!


In order to keep the active ingredients of the product and pure glacier water 100% saved in the best condition, SNO Swiss Organic spared no expense to store in glass bottles. Fresh is our Product guideline that we closely guard.

Touchable Precision

We are committed to providing affordable Swiss products to ladies. But the production process and quality are uncompromising to meticulous maintain the quality tradition of Swiss skin care products.

Reasonable Prices

It is a global trend of brand value. Efficacy and quality are the public concern more than fame. SNO Swiss Organic does not adhere to a lot of advertising, spokesperson or overly ornate packaging to sell the brand. On the contrary, we invest costs focusing on quality and technology to ensure affordable prices so that each consumer can enjoy the best quality products.

Experiencing the scarcity power of nature

With a reputation as the “World Garden” , Switzerland has so unique high quality soil and water. Its zero-pollution pure natural environment has bred a variety of rare plants.

In 2006, the 20-year-old Canadian Skin Institute and the Swiss National Research Center jointly developed Swiss Organic, a brand em- phasizing natural and quality. The use of leading technology to extract natural plant ingredients concentrated the protection of the skin and upgrade it to the ultimate level of perfection.

SNO Swiss Organic has stringent quality requirements depending on its awarded ISO 9001 and GMP quality management certification of professional scientific team, using top technology and superior anti-aging technics with refining of a variety of 100% organic plants, as well as scarce natural resources and high medical-efficacy ingredients to develop a series of high-quality professional skin care products.

The science team Nano crystalized lots of precious ingredient in the products to stimulate its activity to the highest point, which significantly enhances the level that can be absorbed by the skin, giving unlimited renewal energy of every cell.

SNO Swiss Organic meets all the pursuit of skin care of every user. While enjoying the luxury skin glowing products, at the same time they experience the magic of the nature helping them to reverse the skin age, and keeping/retaining the firming flawless skin.
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