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Our Story

SNO Swiss Organic is the pinnacle of over 35 years of spa experience, culminating in a passion for making all people radiate beauty and confidence with Swiss skincare formulated from potent, naturally sourced ingredients and cutting-edge nano-technology.

Rich in minerals and trace elements, pure Swiss Glacier Water from Les Diablerets, 3,000 meters high in the Alps is the precious, deeply moisturizing, fundamental element of a skincare line designed to help make skin more resilient and luminous, while protecting it from the detrimental effects of environmental pollution.

Joy Beauty Group began as a prominent spa company and grew into a  hair and beauty training institute in Asia and Canada. The founder, Ms. Joy Tsang, was unable to find existing products in the market best suited for her clients and students leading her to partner with a beauty expert research team in 2006 based out of Switzerland. The ingredients sourced by her research partners in Switzerland are the foundation of the core products of the SNO Swiss Organic brand. 

Today, SNO Swiss Organic is a true partnership between mother and daughter, formed  with a collective mission to deliver the peak efficacy that science and nature have to  offer with the benefits of the sensorial pleasure of the spa. At last, bringing the vitality  from the summits of the Swiss Alps to the comfort of home anywhere, across the globe.

Glacier Water

More than 70% of the body is water, and the first step to maintaining health and healthy skin is consuming the highest quality water. Swiss Organic utilizes zero pollution glacier water from Les Diablerets in the Swiss Alps as the base for each product. Glacier water is rich in minerals and trace elements which help to energize each ingredient and help to increase the efficacy of each product. It also helps to enhance the absorption of actives by helping to deliver them onto the skin’s surface thereby improving skin’s texture for a more rejuvenated appearance.

Why SNO Swiss Organic?

SNO Swiss Organic is a collection of products created with precision and we believe that “Swiss made” is the mark of potent and luxurious formulas that we pride ourselves in sharing with the world. We are committed to help our customers achieve flawless skin by repeatedly clinically testing our products and evolving our technology.

To ensure the highest product standard, we utilize glass bottles in order to maintain product quality, freshness and efficacy. Our team of scientists uses nano-crystallization to stimulate activity in actives as well as to help to enhance absorption of precious ingredients into skin. 

The Power of Nature

Switzerland, also known as the “world garden” has high quality soil and water which caters to a variety of rare plants unique to its zero-pollution natural environment. 

In 2006, Joy Beauty School Institute joined peers in Canada and the Beauty Research Institute in Switzerland to jointly develop Swiss Organic, emphasizing beauty and quality from nature. Utilizing state of the art technology to extract natural plant ingredients, the brand focuses on helping skin to function at its best for a more nourished, healthy appearance.  

We have stringent quality requirements and their factory was awarded ISO 9001 and GMP quality management certification by a professional scientific team, using top technology and superior anti-aging techniques with refined organic  plants, as well as unique natural resources and high quality ingredients to  develop a series of high-quality professional skin care products. 

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